Jaane kyun, Na jaane na…

*Sigh* this movie reminds me of the movie Boys. Maybe because both have Genelia Dsouza in it. I am dying to watch Jaane Tu Jaane Na. The movie sounds very similar to boys, atleast the romance bit. And *ahem* Mr Nair promised to take me for this one, but looks like I’ll end up watching it with my friend from process!

Read the Review here by Big N

I watched the Happening and well…nothing Happened! Even though Signs was trashed it had some substance in it – that everything happens for a reason. But this seemed like a movie that was commissioned by Al Gore.

I was restless yesterday because I was sick and I came across some awesome stand-up comedy by Jerry Seinfeld..love that guy!


~ by tia on July 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “Jaane kyun, Na jaane na…”

  1. Gaye tu, ya na? 😛

  2. *Sandeep
    Ab tak nahi! 😦

  3. ah hmm.. jaane kyun.. 😛

  4. *Sandeep
    Na jaane na??

  5. yup 😀

  6. *Sandeep

  7. The movie is just too good. Fell in love with Genalia…;)

  8. *Ravish
    Not you too!!Every guy seems to have fallen for her…

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