Holy Guaca-moley!

What is this obsession that people have with moles? No not the woodland creatures but that spot of thick skin, that can either add to your beauty (case in point:Cindy Crawford) or make you ugly/villainous (case in point: Bollywood villains!) as the case may be.

Every woman who has a mole on her face thinks she is the next Cindy Crwaford. Hey guess what, Enrique got his surgically removed!

But the best case of a mole (you’ll get the pun soon) is in austin power where the mole has a real mole on his face! What a riot!


~ by tia on July 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Holy Guaca-moley!”

  1. haha

  2. This Jon Stewart clip was hilarious 🙂 . Loved it and planning to go through your other posts now.

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