Pardes? What a waste!

i was just watching the old movie Pardes and oh god!

The whole story is flawed! I am sure Subhash Ghai must have been thinking to himself everytime he came to that party of the story where it was stupid- It could happen…

And Mahima Chaudhury…where DID he discover her?? She can’t act!No, no, wait…she can act, but only overact. She kept screaming and screeching through the movie.

And the songs – it was like Anu Mallik had written them when he was high.

God saves the world
World saves the man
Man saves the heart
Heart saves love (Yeh dil hain deewana, Pardes)

What is that even?? Who sings that??

O Bla Dee Dee Dee
O Bla Da Da Da
O Bla Do Do Do
What To Do

Gaa!! I am sure R D Burman and Manna Dey rolled over in their graves.

Now compare that to one of my favorite movies (It’s absolutely perfect – cinematography, story, music, acting)

iravin niRamae iravin niRamae kaarkaalaththin moththa niRamae
kaakkaich chiRagil kaaNum niRamae peNmai ezhudhum kaNmai niRamae
veyilil paadum kuyilin niRamae
ellaam saerndhu koondhal niRamae ellaam saerndhu koondhal niRamae

(Roughly translates: Color of the night/dark, the color of the rainy season, the color of a crow’s feather, the color of Kajal (?), the color of the Koel that sings in the sun, all of them are like the color of your hair/they contribute to your hair color..)

– Pachai Niramai, Alaipayuthey


~ by tia on July 2, 2008.

9 Responses to “Pardes? What a waste!”

  1. How could you even compare Rahman with Anu Malik!?

    and Subash Ghai with Maniratnam!

  2. were you sleeping all these years, tia baby..

  3. never saw the movie… remember only a scene from a song, where SRK drives a convertible across a plane stretch… that was a good scene… šŸ™‚

  4. *Sandeep
    Hmm true…but come on, everybody talks about Bollywood superiority over other woods..

    Yeah made the mistake of waking up to Pardes now!

    Good for you, you didnt miss much!

  5. but there are exception

  6. LOL I hate Subhash Ghai. Mani Ratnam has made his share of duds too, by the way. Don’t you go patronising him now. [:P]

  7. *Guns
    Like what? which has been Mani Ratnam’s dud movie?

  8. Boss, Manna Dey is very much alive n kicking!!

  9. *Stone
    Oh god! I meant O P Nayyar who died recently!

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