In the land of the Godless

Chapter 1

Unnithan got out of the bus. A new life he thought..and a new land. He had enough money to rent a small shop and start a tea stall. This seemed a peaceful place. Well he didn’t exactly have the time to decide where to move, did he?

Unnithan took his cloth bag with his collection of belongings – a book with a peacock feather in it, an old newspaper, rs 25000 in cash and a gold chain, and set out to the village square. He looked for a rival tea shop or a tiny way side lunch room where people would congregate. He needed to find the right people to get his foot in the door. At the village square he saw an old man sitting and reading a newspaper. He went up and asked –

Ivade chaya kada indo (is there a tea stall nearby?)

The man nodded a negative.

Alla, ivade valla tea shaap indo? (is there a tea shop nearby?)

The man still nodded a negative.

He then looked up and said: Kalle shaap inde, madhiyo? (There is a shop selling toddy)

Unnithan stared at the man. Even for Unnithan, a man who drank religiously everynight, this was too much.

Thane enne kali aakano? (are you teasing me?) He asked, a bit angry.

Illiya. Avade noku (no, look there).. and he pointed to a toddy shop.

Ende guruvayurappa he muttered. He loved swearing. It sounded like he was one of the upper-caste.

He walked up to the Toddy Shop and laid his bag down.

A fat lady came and gave him a irritated look.

Endha, endha vende? (what do you want?) she asked him.

Alla chechi, evade valadhum kudikyan kitto? (will I get something to drink?)

She laughed sarcastically and replied: evade kudikya cheiyu….(people only drink here)

And she went in to get some toddy.

What do you think of the story so far?


~ by tia on June 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “In the land of the Godless”

  1. I have added some Malyalam words to my vocabulary. Btw, we didn’t talk about the third rule and the quarter of the photograph?

  2. *Ravish
    Hmm true but I don’t think a public forum is a great idea to discuss it, don’t you think?

  3. good start… would like to see how unnithan gels with the ppl… a village with no chayakada… interesting.. waiting 2 c and know the people @ the village…

  4. *anoop
    I know! A place in Kerala with no tea shop, how shocking! heh heh..but that could form the crux of the story..

  5. yep. I agree

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