To beat a retreat.

More important than 20/20 eyesight is your internal vision, your own sweet spirit whispering through your life with guidance and grace—now, that’s pleasure.

– Oprah Winfrey

And by popular demand the one word that describes Tia *Drum rolls*: Annoying!

That is my breakthrough for the month. No, not through therapy but through introspection.

I keep wondering why I am annoying, and then I realized I over communicate! Not an epiphany I tell ya.

I just remembered a story i read about Oprah where she spoke about one of her dates who didn’t treat her well..and how she decided not to let anybody treat her bad. I have kept that article with me.

So I have decided to test myself. See I just can’t shut up nor can I not chat or sms. Okay I kinda kicked the habit of texting. The only msgs I send are – I am on my way or I am coming or I am late to my colleagues in my van. And the only other msgs are to my friend/colleague.

I have decided to not speak (unless spoken to – I can’t keep quiet in front of my boss! she’d think I am being arrogant) and no more chatting AND no more blogging for a week till July 7th.

I think I’ll have many notepad/word files on my desktop at the end of this exercise!*chuckle*

Till then, whilst I am healing here are some good reads:

And this is a must read for every woman:


~ by tia on June 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “To beat a retreat.”

  1. hm… no wonder i could not find u… be bk soon…

  2. she mimics my thoughts! 🙂

  3. so that why u disappered…get back soon…u r not annoying…u r just weird in a gud way… 🙂

  4. please speak!!

  5. *Anoop
    Guess who’s back..back again..

    I know!

    weird in a good way??wow that’s a motivation!

    babes I am always there for you na 🙂

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