Matrimony and hegemony of lives

Damn aunties! They love the idea of matrimony. I prefer alimony πŸ˜‰

So this lady comes to my place and they love throwing questions at my mum (I am in the room dammit!) like – who will get married tia or her brother? or – when are you getting her married?

Even worse was when the lady had the gumption to tell me – mann mein koi ho to bata de…(gaaa!)

Who is she, like my life coach??

I quickly reassure the lady (and mum) that there was no one, despite my craving to mess with her mind. Why did I do that? cos otherwise I’d have hell to pay!

It took me 21 years to find the guy I thought I wanted to spend my life with. I don’t know whether I can wait another 21…

But the cutest thing, was the lady’s 3 month grandduaghter shriya. Aaaaw! She was so quiet when I carried her. I think i want one…..nobody heard that right??

I mean there was only one guy I ever wanted to have kids with (yeah it’s the same guy I wanted to marry you idiot!). I’d love to be a single mum, but I think I wouldn’t be allowed (literally and physically) to do that. I mean that way you don’t have to live with someone you don’t love or someone who doesn’t love you, no issues (apart from the baby) and you don’t have to bother about anybody else but you and the baby.

Another question is – why would you want to have a baby? That is such a selfish thing.

*hunh* We women are under a lot of pressure. To not conform. It is a horrible thing actually.


~ by tia on June 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “Matrimony and hegemony of lives”

  1. oh yeah.. hv been at the receiving end for quiet some time nw.. hw i wish i can topple the applecart by giving some smart replies…

  2. *anoop
    fell for ya…!

  3. *anoop
    I meant feel for ya!*embarrassed* what a slip of the tongue! Rather slip of the fingers…

  4. haha.. how many girls hate their aunties, who talk about marriage with mom! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    single mom huh….

  5. *Sandeep
    I know what you are thinking – That a girl who wants to be a single mom is an easy girl (that’s what most of my guy friends have told me about men and how they think)!

  6. Awww.. disgusting thought.. and no!!
    i didn’t think that way.. whew..

    all i thought was how hard it would be to raise a kid.. and you young lady don’t have an idea of it and say want to be a single mom..

    gosh.. i should make myself clear!! πŸ™‚

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