Wheel deal

You know the vehicle is a:

1. IT company shuttle/van, if the people traveling in it are sleeping

2. A college bus, if you hear a lot of swear words and maybe a bit of PDA

3. A school bus, if you can feel a lot of energy and excitement coming from the bus and hear a lot of noise

4. A public transport vehicle, if everyone is standing..even when the seats are empty!


~ by tia on June 19, 2008.

21 Responses to “Wheel deal”

  1. LOL…
    A ‘dude’ trying to impress chicks – if u hear loud noise with deep thump from his totally done up car, driving slowly down the lane…

    (OMG! Did i tell this? )

  2. *anoop
    *laughs* so true! Very brave 😉

  3. what about the others..Like buses full of chicks..;)..what kind activities can we think of?

  4. *Ravish
    I’ll let your mind do the dirty work 😛

  5. Why dirty? Why do girls always think dirty? 🙂

  6. *Ravish
    We expect men to think nothing but dirty thoughts.. 😛

  7. I know women don’t believe in logic. The live with their assumptions and in the end they get to know that their assumptions are wrong.

  8. *Ravish
    Prove me wrong…

  9. Gimme some time. I shall do it again.

  10. *Ravish
    Prove me that my assumptions are wrong..and again?? 😀

  11. I hope you would not mind to delete the comment above.

  12. Read all my posts. You will be proved wrong.

  13. *Ravish
    I am trying to do just that

  14. well, it is gonna take sometime. On a non-stormy day, you would write to me that you were wrong. 😉

  15. *Ravish
    And how did you assume that todays a stormy day?

  16. *Ravish
    And how did you assume that todays a stormy day?

  17. well, yes, in a way..

  18. had the stormy experience in my office today…

  19. *Ravish
    Hmmm…wanna explain?

  20. well, It took me one year to break the build…I hope you understand what I mean..

  21. and?…come on, dont tell me u both hve stopped talking to each other…dont mind me, i love to evesdrop ( wonder why its called that, adam’s hidden desire?)

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