To Ma’am, with love

I just got the best news – my friend got a job…as a psych prof! That’s not the amazing part. The amazing part is that she was the baby of our gang and she looks like a cute 19 year old.

I was just wondering..what if I had become a lecturer.. *chuckle*. Hey i’d be damn good lecturer. I used to teach my classmates Shakespeare’s Merchant of venice before the class started. See we were supposed to read up before class, but I somehow understood the language better than some of my classmates, so they used to ask me for help.

I am damn good at explaining. That comes from the times I had to lie in school for many things 😉

Heh heh..imagine me..a teacher! Hillarious.


~ by tia on June 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “To Ma’am, with love”

  1. in the interests of the next generation, please don’t be one. I want my children to study and not drool over their teacher and come home and say ‘daddy daddy, we had this sexy teacher at school today’!!!!

  2. well, it vwill be great eye candy…

  3. *ancientmariner
    I think I would come across as a strict and sweet teacher. Sexy..nah!


  4. me too used to do that.. for physical chemystry… 🙂 (and itz an irony that i almost,possibly,hate chemystry)

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