Enter Sandman

My nightmares are back.

I have had these nightmares past three years. It’s the same damn dream – evil everywhere (demonic) and I am surrounded by it and i am trying to fight and/or run away. They are so bad I get night terrors – that is I suddenly wake up from my nightmare, sweating, screaming and my heart beating so fast..almost a panic attack. I am so scared to sleep for the next one hour, and eventually when I do, it isn’t deep sleep.

I am not sure whether this is pavor nocturnis or night terror. The difference between what I face and night terror is that the person doesn’t wake up, but I do. I am wide awake after the nightmare. And after I wake up I am so scared to even sit in my bedroom. The last time this happened it was one of the weekdays and I went to office looking like one of the pale ghosts.

And thanks Varunnair for replying to my message. It really helped.


~ by tia on June 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Enter Sandman”

  1. Ha Ha
    I thot always u look like a pale ghosts

  2. *Cm Chap
    If i did..wouldnt I have scared you??

  3. try to see thru the whole dream…force urself…it tends to dissaapitate the terror factor..ur conciousness is trying to tell u something, so u mite as well listen

  4. *tys
    Hmm it is intense terror. So my body and mind tries a flight or fight approach..

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