Show me the painkillers!

I am apparently too..Wisdomous. I had to get my wisdom tooth removed.

We decided to go to this dentist in thippasandra, and we were told he was an old guy. So I went there and the guy turned out to be a young guy who looked a lot like Akshay Kumar. He decided the tooth has to be extracted and we set out on our painful journey to removing a healthy tooth whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After being injected with anesthesia, he literally wrestled with my tooth to get it out. And once it was out the pain was horrible.ย  And since is this the second time in my life I have been to the dentist, I seemed to have forgotten the dentist etiquettes – spit, wipe,etc. Since the dentist was cute I didn’t make too much of a fuss ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was dying for the pain killers but could have it only 30 mins after the extraction. (still feel a bit giddy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

I realized the dentist was one of those young smart guys. As we left I gave him my business card, and he looked at my card and saif ‘oh ***, world’s best business run ***’. I interrupted him and give him the new tagline – Best run businesses run…

Btw if anyone needs a good dentist – Mahesh Kumar S is the guy’s name. The clinic is on Thippasandra Main Road next to Cool Club, opposite Arun ice cream. (He charged me 150 bucks for extraction, which seems all right)


~ by tia on June 7, 2008.

16 Responses to “Show me the painkillers!”

  1. ohhh my toothless fairy…khi khi

  2. *ancientmariner

  3. Was there any young female dentist also? I am planning to visit a lady dentist soon..[;)]


  4. *Ravish
    Heh heh..would i be even remotely interested if there were?? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. hey…u have been posting profusely for some months now….
    as for the post….doesnt stimulation reduce the impact or pain…rather increases the resistance to it :o) (here u were the one being stimulated by the doc)

    n whoa…u doing viral marketing for the guy…naaice ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Hey, I didn’t ask for your interest. I can understand that people in India are still straight ;). Anyways, I visited the place. The doctor charges reasonably and they are good too. But, a lady dentist is always preferable. So, If you get to know about any Beautiful-Lady-Dentist, please let us know.


  7. *Anurag
    Hmm nah. I just found him cute, its not like I was in love with him to cause any stimulation.
    Hmm I mentioned him in the blog bcos I’ve been to 2 dentists before and this was the only one that seemed sincere. I have heard horror stories about dentists.

    You visited what place??Sure..when i do decide to turn into *ahem* a fix-up’er I shall tell ya ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Yes, I visited the dental clinic and spent my hard earned money. My hands were shivering when I handed over 600 bucks to the doctor.

    Well, You are using a wrong word for a helping hand. Helping others is a virtue. Moreover, helping for a cause is an even bigger virtue. So, it is everybody’s social responsibility to help the people in need (Now, don’t say anything about ‘need’)…;)

    So, please don’t turn yourself into anything else.


  9. *Ravish
    he charged you 600 bucks?? for what? I will delete this post if I you can prove that I made a mistake. I do not like to advertising in what I don’t like/believe in. Radio verve is something I believe in which is why there is a huge button on top.
    “So, please donโ€™t turn yourself into anything else.” ??

  10. Had I gone to any other dentist, he would have charged me at least 1000 bucks. I am pretty much satisfied with my experience at the clinic.
    โ€œSo, please donโ€™t turn yourself into anything else.โ€ ??..I wrote it after reading the following line in your reply to my comment.

    “when i do decide to turn into *ahem* a fix-upโ€™er I shall tell ya”


  11. *Ravish
    Ah..a customer reference..what can a delight a marketing consultant more than that!*chuckle*
    Trust me I don’t intend to. A cupid..maybe. A..something way!

  12. i cant believe that u just pluged the guy…the cheek!…behave!

  13. *tys
    pluged the guy? Plugged the guy? Plagued the guy??
    I do no such thing! My god I just thought he was cute..thats all!

  14. Free marketing for cute doctor huh? ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. *Sandeep
    Dang! I forgot to put in my disclaimer “this article might be biased due to the cuteness of the doc” or The cuteness of the doc is subject to change…depending on my mood!

  16. lol

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