Deadweights Society

I hate/abhor/detest extended-family reunions . I am okay with my first cousins (my mum’s side that is) but oh dear lord, the second cousins! They are so amazingly fake. I am sure even the wig of curls they made during the 18th century were more real than these “family members”.

I find it very amusing actually. I stand and watch how fake they are, how condescending they are and how envious they can get of each other’s success. I have no ties that bind me to my second cousins, they are just present for my amusement. They actually couldn’t care a damn if you weren’t there, but when you get a good job, oh my god – you are the apple of their eyes. Could I have your business card so that my son could try for a job in your company?

They are actually a dead weights society: they are of zilch use to anybody. They’d rather try and bring you down than to see how they can help you.


~ by tia on June 6, 2008.

7 Responses to “Deadweights Society”

  1. Hmmm. Do u really thnk every1 is like that… Not really

  2. i wonder how the grass lokks from their side , 🙂 ?

  3. *CM Chao
    No..actually this true for most upper and upper middle class mallu families.

    The grass looks green bcos they see a lot of currency notes walking around rather than people.

  4. Do you attend family functions then? How hypocritical would THAT be then! You would be doing the exact same thing.

    :)I share your feelings so I’ve attended about five family functions that I can remember in my entire life. No wait a second…I can’t count even five.

  5. *Guns
    Why must I be exempt from my share of hypocrisy? esp when there is fun on the house?

  6. Umm because the general rule is that you can’t criticise something if you do it yourself.


  7. *Guns
    Maybe I don’t abide by any rule 😉

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