SOA..or is it SyOA??

My company is big into SOA, or rather SyOA – Save your Own Ass.

At the end of the day that seems to be our Ultimate goal SyOA. Nope it’s not profit, it’s not value add, but SyOA.

It’s partially my company’s culture, and partially the very industry’s culture. Hell, SyOA is big in any corporate structure.

We also have e-SyOA. Where the blame game happens and public attempts to cover your ass happens on e-mails. It is all a huge part of the IT architecture..actually architecture of the culture of IT.

Everytime I go for a meeting, it’s like the movie Hero (from which the Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon stunts were copied) running in my head. People never know why I have a Mona Lisa smile on my face during meetings. Here’s the secret – I imagine a Hero scenario in my head to chase the boredom of a meeting where you know in the end nothing is accomplished. I imagine the different contenders in their Shenyis or qipaos (or the tradional chinese dress) leaping around like Dragon flies and sword fighting.

It’s fun, try it!


~ by tia on June 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “SOA..or is it SyOA??”

  1. Have u seen ‘Jhankaar Beats’? If the answer is yes, I would like to take you to the frame when Rahul Bose goes to meet his wife and her new BF(Well, Rahul Bose assumed that guy accompanying his wife was her BF) to complete the formalities for their divorce. As soon as Rahul’s wife and Mr BF enter the meeting place, Rahul stood up, went to Mr BF, kicked him hard and broke his golden tooth. He did all these things in his thoughts. Actually, he was smiling at the sight of them.


  2. *Ravish
    Heh heh..yes I remember. But the Hero scenario is more fun because you aren’t getting involved in the action but merely witnessing it…

  3. I wish your manager reads this post…. 🙂

  4. *CM Chap
    She’s damn cool 🙂 My team is the coolest in this whole place…she’d find it amusing more than anything…

  5. i get weird thoughts .i tell ya…once i was hungry in a meeting and imagining all sorts of things and I actually mentioned the word ‘sambar’ when my client asked me about the status of the freaking database!!

  6. *ancientmariner
    Ha ha ha…I think you heard OS/DB as Sambhar-Idli or something! Oh man when I get hungry during a meeting I just can’t concentrate..I start drooling and the boss then realizes she has overshot her time and lets us go for lunch!

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