Tia, the warrior princess *laughs*

I would have made a kick-ass warrior.

I know right now you are thinking of Xena, the warrior princess, because she seems to be synonymous with the concept of a female warrior.

I was watching troy, rather a quarter of the movie, when I realized Hector was way smarter than Paris. And if I were there I would have been a warrior fighting in the war. I am serious! I’d make a great warrior. I’d have no qualms in fighting, and I’d be damn good at sword fighting.

I’ve always wanted to take up kalaripayattu and kickboxing. I know there is a place in Malleshwaram where they teach Kickboxing. Maybe in another 3 months I’ll join the classes 😉 It would definitely be more challenging than the kicking I used to do in aerobics classes in pink track pants!


~ by tia on May 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tia, the warrior princess *laughs*”

  1. wooooaaah…kickboxing….wait till I meet you…

  2. *ancientmariner
    Maybe I could practice on you huh??

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