Next gen google

I think the next generation in search and search engines would be advanced image search – where you can cut and paste an image and the search engine finds a similar or same image. This would need high-end algorithms and definitely advanced intelligence. If not an image to image match, at least an image to text match.

At present, Google has a text to image match – where if you enter key words describing the image you want it finds the image that is similar to the description.

The possible use of an image to image or image to text search are many. For example, people who make presentations, artwork, if a person is looking for a missing person, etc.

Maybe I should sell this Idea to google…Hmmm…


~ by tia on May 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Next gen google”

  1. Yeah may be… But I guess the days are not far for “Search based on describing it thru voice”

    Ha Ha…. Sell the idea? Already google might be about to release the project….

  2. At the end of ur post comes this 🙂
    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    * A Google Prototype for a Precision Image Search”

    They’ve already been workin on it …had attended some seminar last year where this dude gave a lecture on it..pretty interestin stuff it was.

  3. *Cm-Chap
    yes *that* could truly be next generation: voice based search

    Just read it! shoot they’ve beaten me to it!! 🙂

  4. people are already working on it babes 🙂

  5. *Arpz
    Just figured!

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