I D.I.D it.

I have realized that in the past few months I have indulged in a bit of D.I.D. Did you just ask me what D.I.D is?? *shocked* shame on you! D.I.D is nothing but the Damsel In Distress syndrome.

This is often seen in women when they are jaded and feeling lonely. I believe Bryan adams himself was going through a bit of D.I.D when he sang “Rescue me from the mire, Darlin’ rescue me” in Do I have to say the words?” (P.s: On a much unrelated thought – you have to.)

But coming to the main thought process in this post – what is D.I.D syndrome?

It is when women who are otherwise strong, occasionally need help in dealing with the world. This is a syndrome in these women, because the whiny’ness is temporary. Of course, there are the women who are afflicted with eternal D.I.D who just need to be brought down a notch.

Did I enjoy being a D.I.D? Yes and No. Yes, because I did get a bit of attention. No because I am such an independent person and seeking help was going against my very personality.

But I have to admit, i D.I.D it. I am not proud of it, but I have only myself to blame.


~ by tia on May 25, 2008.

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