Well ladies and gentlemen my two hours of work:

My Website

People have asked me why I did this. They’ve accused me of being narcissistic.

I have loved learning new things. For example, this website.

I didn’t have time to learn how to host the pages but I learned to download the template, change it and upload it (not sure whether it’s the same thing)! Trust me for a B.A- M.A graduate Html tags and codes are a difficult task. After a lot of trial..and error, I got it right! (and Fyi nobody could figure why the background wouldn’t display, I figured eventually that the CSS wasn’t uploaded!)
At present my website links back to this blog, my flickrs page,etc. Soon I’ll create and upload my specific pages for these.

*sigh* I am a geek. I get a kick from learning new things.


~ by tia on May 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Presenting…”

  1. Tia turned into a tech geek… huh…
    BTW, u rem the fotos I asked for… not this one… Otherwise u knw wat will be m,y conclusion

  2. *Cm Chap
    you know what I said yesterday… 😛

  3. boy…please dont kick our stomach…pleaze pleaze..we are here to do the programming stuff….why don’t you stick to your field lady!![:X]…good job though[:-)]

  4. *ancientmariner
    Heh heh…Thank u! coming from you thats a great honor 🙂

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