I just watched Gaalipata and Rajesh Krishnan’s character reminded me of what my friends used to say. See I am a total extrovert and people keep saying that I am gonna end up with this quiet, sweet, patient guy – a total introvert. Its more like a threat – you are gonna end up with a quiet, sweet, patient guy  *shakes fist*.

Actually it is quite scary. I mean I am an extrovert and I feel very odd when the person I am talking to doesn’t reciprocate.

I do wonder what would happen if what they said were true…what a bakra the poor guy would be to get stuck with me!


~ by tia on May 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bakra”

  1. Ha Ha.. Ada pavi, ur callg him Bakra.
    But not necessarily Scary…. I have seen that kinda combination wrks very well… in some of my friends list

  2. *Cm chaps
    so its never gonna be the two of us 😛 Ne oru breath’illiye pathe varthe chollive 😛

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