TIA = Trustworthy in America????

Okay, *now* I hate my name.

In a fit of a narcissism (coupled with boredom), I googled my name.

Ten pages into the results and all I had were: a kind of stroke (Transient ischemic attack), Toy Industry Association, Tortilla Industry Association (Oh, I kid you not), and lots and lots about Tia Carrere (Don’t even *think* of comparing me to her!). The only results that were remotely interesting were a waterfront restaurant in Boston called Tia’s and a Spanish restaurant in NY, NY which has a one star rating from the critics!

I hate my name.

Update: Vinaymurthy pinged me and gave me some new definitions for my name..and well..see for yourselves!



~ by tia on May 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “TIA = Trustworthy in America????”

  1. what’s in a name ..said the old bard..BTW Tia is also the name of a …errr..well….will tell you over IM ;_)

  2. Ha Ha.. You also have this habit? Cheers.. I too do this often…

  3. *ancientmariner
    I guessed as much!

    *CM Chap
    this is the first time I am doing it!

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