I was just reading Carrie by Stephen King and was wondering what superpower would I want if I had a choice? I mean Telekinesis sounds good but I’d rather be a witch like in Bewitched.

I used to love watching Bewitched. I used to think that something could happen if I twitched nose. Something did happen – I felt stupid!

But seriously, wouldn’t it be cool if you could move things just by looking at something or conjure a spoon from the air?


~ by tia on May 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Heroes”

  1. oh! the wonderful land of magic and fantasy! *dreamy eyed*
    i would love to be happy always by some sort of magic! can i please be granted that superpower? *sob sob*
    happiness is such a rarity these days! *sigh*

  2. *Black Coffee
    I agree. But know what I think I find temporary happiness in reading and making frends. And trying to achieve my goals.

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