Oh Good Lord!

I hate the ride to office. We use all the bumpy roads near HAL airport and as a result I have a horrid and crippling back pain. In order to take the bumps better, today, I decided to lean forward and go to sleep.

See past few days I have noticed that I drool in my sleep. I could never figure why – because I normally drool in my sleep if I have slept without my dinner and these days I sleep with a full and contented stomach.

And then it happened. Ever been in that state of being half awake and half asleep at the same time..like sleeping awake? Yeah I was sleeping like that I suddenly heard myself moan in my sleep. I moan in my sleep!

It was the most shocking thing because it came from deep in my throat, like I was some possessed woman or something. It was this moan of satisfaction (which is what I was feeling then, cos I was jolted from sleep and was just getting back to my comfy position) And in my life I have only *once* talked/spoken in my sleep.

This is a very embarrassing thing because..well *blush* it could have different meanings. And I sometimes have sleepovers at my friends’ houses and this could be very embarrassing and not to mention very scary in a dark room.


~ by tia on May 14, 2008.

11 Responses to “Oh Good Lord!”

  1. I sleep like crazy in buses. I remember one evening back from office, I went to the last seat and sat next to the window to doze off within five minutes. I kept banging my head on the window so many times but I’d wake up and go back to sleep in an instant with each crash. After about half an hour, I was fed up and decided to sit up properly. To my horror, I found the hottest chick in the entire company sitting on the seat next to me.


  2. *guns
    *sigh* I declare there are no good looking guys in my company, forget my cab.I am light sleeper no matter where.

  3. i drool and snore …see? it cud hve been worse…personally i think girls who moan in their sleep is pretty hot 🙂

  4. *tys
    Oh yeah my dad used to do that…no no moaning is scary,possessed types scary..

  5. i talk big time…i can recite the complete ramayana in my sleep…

  6. What company do you work in? I can join that and that’ll at least address ONE of your complaints.

  7. *Ancientmariner
    *chuckle* looks like i Only moan…

    and how *exactly* would you joining my company address the problem??

  8. C’mmon you’re smarter than that. Put two plus two together!

  9. *Guns
    I am scared that if i put two and two together I just might get 6, when the right answer is 5 😉 *laughs*

  10. You love Calvin and Hobbes just like me, don’t you? 🙂

  11. *Guns
    Yeah…how did you know??

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