Just another work day

When you are working in a corporate world especially in a Mar comm team for an IT co. then you pretty much live by these sayings:

  • Slide slide everywhere not one appropriate to use
  • (This one courtesy my colleague and friend): Here a slide there a slide and everywhere a slide slide

I just realized: In our company we need to used specific images for presentations. These are approved, desaturated and boring. And when I download from the image gallery I save them in folders to remember which image is what (most files are downloaded in zip format) and I have come up with peculiar names which almost sound porn-ish or weird or the ideal states of human beings we’d like.

For example: two girls, Japanese guy, looking up planning guy, thinking man, two men in a corridor, two men shaking hands, two chinese girls laughing.


~ by tia on May 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Just another work day”

  1. Without intending to be racist, may I ask you a question? How do you distinguish the Jap guy from the Chinese?

  2. *Guns
    easy – Chinese have mongloid features which are above the eyes (sloping eyelids) while Japanese have mongoloid features for the bottom part of the eye

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