Aramaneya Kathe

I watched Aramane today. Quite a good time pass movie. Quite like a paulo coehlo book – the protagonist (Ganesh) is an orphan who is a photographer. He is asked by an old rich guy (Anant Nag) who drinks a lot to promise him that he would take the old man’s family portrait. The photgrapher, Arun, is this sweet guy who does everything to get the family together. In the process he falls in love with the old man’s granddaughter geeta (roma). <spoiler> The old man is okay about him marrying his granddaughter but his granddaughter is in love with another guy. In the end, the old man’s daughter, geeta’s mother hires arun as the wedding photographer. He thus fulfills the promise he made of taking the family portrait.

Nice story. But there was more chemistry between the main duo – Anant Nag – Ganesh  than between Ganesh
and Roma. Ganesh, l admit has this charm (and the smile) of a bindaas guy-next-door in whom you can confide. He also has more hair and weight than he should.

Too many songs! It looked like the director was trying too hard to make the audience cry with the sad songs.

And I *think* I spotted Macy Gray somewhere in there.

I liked on line he says though – Ishta pattu madhuve mado adrishta thumba janage sigolla (Not many people are lucky to marry the person they love.)


~ by tia on May 13, 2008.

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