We are such a DIY generation. From sex (oh come on who you kidding, most men pleasure themselves..haven’t heard about women doing it though.) to relationship to life itself.

I mean this is the era of independence, the era of self reliance. Hey did anyone tell you that that kind of ideas lead to Nazism?

But seriously, This is the era when, you love yourself, you have a kid by yourself (I’m talking about single moms), you don’t depend on anybody for any emotional support, etc.

So what’s wrong?

For starters this is becoming a ‘me’ generation. It’s all about satisfying me. Also myself. Absolutely a selfish generation.

It is such a sin to depend or rely on others – ooooh she actually loves him and is depending on him! What is wrong with her even??

Independence is good. Trust me, being a mal girl I know what it means to not have your freedom. But what is asked of me…is paranoia! Also Distrust apart from inhuman expectations.

For once I wanna be weak and trust somebody and love somebody and dream something big and try to achieve it. Bite me!


~ by tia on May 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “D.I.Y”

  1. yes..your observation is quite true..people are trying to sport the “independant” tag..but at the same time deep inside crave for companionship and attention..ever wonder why we have social networking sites getting so popular, if it was all about “ME”!!

  2. *Mathew
    Hmm…I agree. I remember this dialogue from the movie Before Sunrise (or was it before Sunset??), where she says she has the pressure to be an independent single woman. I guess I agree with that.

  3. True… For once ur brain thinkg good stuff.

    BTW....haven’t heard about women doing it though – No… Go and check. Dnt be outdated.

  4. *Cm Chap
    Oh come on, what do you want me to do, go and ask random women – excuse me, do you help yourself?? I am not gonna do research on it!

  5. Ha Ha.. Then y did u make that statement.. LOL

  6. *Cm Chap
    cos its based on my general knowledge..

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