Old whine in new bottle.

Oh god lord I can feel a whine coming on.

Okay so its that time of the year when I feel ugly and fat. There is a logical basis to it – I *am*ugly and fat!!

Ever wondered – if you could have had a say in your making what would you change?

I would have changed so many things. For one I’d make me as thin as reed (Anybody says I am curvy gets kicked by me!). Then I’d add a lot of beauty..not like Giselle Bundchen or Angelina Jolie. They are scary beautiful. But I mean non-threatening feminine beautiful. Then I’d make sure I’d add lot of intelligence. See I am smart but I am not intelligent. Yeah I could faff in my exams but I need real intelligence. The type that writes math/physics theories/theorems.

See all these I can change – Plastic Surgery, except I can’t cos I don’t have the money for it! (well the intelligence part…once the guy sees how you look he doesn’t care about the intelligence – you could be as dumb as a raisin for all he cares)

Anybody willing to finance please write to me!*laughs*


~ by tia on May 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Old whine in new bottle.”

  1. now how does one respond to that?? i hav always believed every woman feels that. that they are not thin enough or beautiful enough or intelligent enough!!
    well finance you? girl, i wud really love to do that!! only i don get paid much! 😦
    why do u want to write teorems now? u want geek-rated intelligence?? :O

  2. who said that guys don’t look for intelligence…you are grossly mistaken in this case…

  3. *Black coffee
    aaaw thanks *hug*..but I do wanna write theorems and stuff! I mean maybe I’d prefer immortality over a good relationship 😛

  4. *ancientmariner
    Ha!Show me one..

  5. Ha Ha.. Then whats the plan for intelligence?

  6. *CM Chap
    Memory plus 😛

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