Rational thought or Romantic emotions?

I have always been a Romantic – Impulsive, emotional and love nature. That doesn’t mean I am totally irrational. I am practical too (quite a capricorn thing).

I watched Passion of Ayn Rand. Having read Fountainhead and Atlas Shurgged I have felt she has taken objectivism to its extreme. She forgot the basic nature of man, which is the basis of most economic theories – we are irrational (esp in our buying behavior). We sometimes think with our heart more than the mind. We make impulsive decisions based on our emotions, based on what and how we “feel” as opposed to what we “think”. We take the path we “feel” is right and not what is to be done.

I agree we need to be rational and logic in our thoughts but is love logical? Our logic asks us to not make sacrifices or to not let our ego get hurt, yet we are ready to make sacrifices and adjust.

We are social beings. We take our reference points from each other. How can we live by only what we think about us. We could try but we would fail.

What Ayn forgot was to find that balance – balance between our internal and external selves. Internal self or self as seen by us and external self us seen by others. Internal self would ask you to be true to your value no matter what others say which could be in conflict with others think of us (external self). But sometimes we get important and valuable inputs from others.

(P.s: this is was written in a hurry. for clarifications please leave me a comment)


~ by tia on May 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “Rational thought or Romantic emotions?”

  1. ayn rand does take things a bit overboard. I mean i read her books too she has points abt being rational but they are too ideal! i mean her characters are larger than life and i cannot imagine humans being like that. Being a romantic myself, i am at ends with what she has to say! but they are really well written books!
    so did u like Passion of ayn rand?

  2. *black coffee
    loved the movie. It didn’t canonize ayn rand but portrayed as a women quite selfish (which seems to be quite synonymous with objectivism).
    I do like her books but what she seeks is perfection. And most of her characters are either black or white (esp the protagonist). Very few characters are gray which is what most people are – different shades of gray.

  3. finally someone who agrees with me on ayn rand 😀

  4. *Saphire
    I think there are a lot more Ayn Rand followers who feel strongly about her philosophy. I believe in taking the best of her philosophy…what say?

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