Stuck in a moment

I love my work! I do…

Know why? It’s cool. I am a freshie with six months experience and I have no responsibilities. And I love it. Sure I’d love a high level job with lots of decision making and stuff but not now. I need to grow into it.

I see my boss work. She this very pretty woman who looks like a china doll, and she is forever taking con-calls!

And that’s the best thing. I don’t have to do that…at least for now. I don’t have to stay up late and take con-calls, I don’t have a whole team’s responsibility on me, and I don’t have to look at a book and sigh and say – I wish I had time to read. Initially that was how work was…and then I decided to take a stand. I decided to read no matter how many deadlines I had. Decided to give myself some precious ‘me’ time. I was getting stressed out and frustrated. Life changed with one decision – to be bindaas. For the next year or so I am gonna get the foundation right – balancing life and work and getting my basics right. After a year I am gonna aggressively pursue my career prospects.


~ by tia on May 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Stuck in a moment”

  1. now, why wud u want to do that?…u sound like u have got a great balance and is content….why change all that for the rat race?

  2. *tys
    I wonder whether I’d have regrets about not participating in the rat race. because there is cheese at the end of the race, ultimately

  3. Career prospects or Life prospects? Ha Ha

  4. *CM Chap
    Dei dei dei…!

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