I was really feeling down today. On an impulse I decided to watch Kate and Leopold. That is one of my favorite movies apart from Breakfast at Tiffanys and Roman Holiday.

What happened to the smart gentlemen of the 1800’s? When were they replaced by goons who don’t respect women?(though I must mention, my colleague is a gentlemen when it comes to opening doors…)

And oh the Duke of Albany (in the movie)! 6 ft tall and an absolute gentleman.

The best part I liked in the movie? The dinner. On the roof with fine music and fine wine. And the slow dance…


~ by tia on May 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “mmm!”

  1. there are gentlemen in this world. You just need to spot em.

  2. I thought after u spoke to me, u felt elated 🙂

  3. *ancientmariner
    *sigh* I’ve heard that one before.

    *CM Chap
    Aama..yenna asai paare 😛 heh heh…

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