Kite on the Marina Beach!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a reason for my weekend silence and my delay in Congratulating Tys on the new arrival πŸ™‚

I went to Chennai!

Okay, yeah I know..many people there asked me – Chennai for Vacation, are you nuts? Or a slightly different version – from frying pan to fire!

But I loved it!

I landed in Chennai on Friday evening and took a taxi to my friends house in Annai Nagar West. Before I continue, I must say the Kingfisher Ground Crew – Men are *so* cute. We were put in one of those propeller planes and for my luck I was sitting near the engine, which made my partially and temporarily deaf for a few hours.

So I got to my friends place (my friend and I have been friends ever since 11th std in Cottons.) and just sat talking about life in general. We had dinner and hit the bed.

The next day, we took an auto to Landmark where I bought lots and lots of Moser Baer CDs – When Harry Met Sally, Kate and Leopold, etc. I then went to CCD in Ispa Hania Centre and sat there waiting for my friend to join me for lunch. I had called a senior KG and I met him up at CCD. Connecting with him so much fun. We spoke about college and really Random stuff.

We then stepped out for Lunch at New Yorker. Good food.

Then caught a bus to Marina Beach! This is where I had maximum fun.

We bought a kite and flew it on the beach. This kite had Kaho Na Pyar Hain written on it and in small hindi letters the words: Jo har din patan udatha hain uske ankhen ache hote hain. Which translated to something like a person who flies a kite everyday has good eyesight. To which my friend said wryly: or he’ll end up with a squint. As we left I tried to pull the kite down. The string wrapped around chits and chits being chits – very patient, waited in the sun till i rolled the the string! The kite tore at lifestyle 😦


At the beach, I stepped into the water with my jeans folded and played in the water like a small kid till chits reminded me we had to go to City Centre for some “essentials” shopping.

After shopping we stopped at Kim-Ling for dinner. The food was okay. We then took a share auto to Anna Nagar. See share autos are these huge autos that can seat 8-10 people. So much fun! We need to get some in Bangalore.

The next morning I went for a fellowship Lunch which was organized by some of the Choir members of the Egmore Wesley Church. The only thing that was weird was I was asked whether I was Christian, twice in the meeting! We met and sang some hymns (which I lip synced, except for “Great is thy Faithfulness” which I remember because we had to sing them for every special occasion in school) . Had some great Biriyani and left for Chits place. We slept under the fan like kids and then woke up to go for some shopping. I picked up lots of stuff my dad loves – Kai murruku, cheda, Jangiri, pori undai, etc. I also picked up some Australian Cookies. We got home and Chits made some amazing fish curry and fish fry.

While she was cooking I got down to reading some nice comics – Thundercats and Wonder Woman…Great Jaga!

Hit the bed and woke up at 5 a.m. because there was a powercut! Chits and I were lying in bed fanning ourselves and cracking pj’s. Got up at 6.45 and took the 10.30 IndiGo flight back home…actually office!


~ by tia on April 28, 2008.

9 Responses to “Kite on the Marina Beach!”

  1. Ha Ha… Someone had all fun… Kite n Marina… Hmm went back to school days πŸ™‚

  2. I miss even Idli & Sambhar.. ur talkg abt Jangiri 😦

  3. *CM Chap
    Absolute fun!

  4. Australian cookies??? I can get some when I come back πŸ™‚

  5. *Cm Chap
    Hmm yeah but you get Idli Sambhar in A2B in Blore. Heh Heh we get the same here..I got some nice Autralian Cookies – Cookie Man Brand on the Kingfisher Flight I think it was Mocha Chocolate Cookies..awesome stuff!

  6. finally the lady reveals herself…i absolutely loved the idli dosa sambar…never tasted something like that in Blore…

  7. *ancientmariner
    ..and then she goes into hiding again!*laughs*
    Hmm sambhar is different in TN, Kar and Ker. TN sambhar has more dal, Kar more spices and Tamarind/tomato and Ker has more coconut (no surprises there!)

  8. The other foto gone..hmmm

  9. *cm chap
    don’t hmmm!

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