Sporty Spice

Funniest things happen in Sports. Like Chelsea beating Man U and Sreshanth crying like a baby because he was slapped by the Playground Bully.

Sreeshanth has to be in the news. For all the wrong reasons. I for one am not gonna waste space on my blog talking about him, but I believe all the stud appearances mal men give are fake. Especially when compared to Punjabis. No no the real ones!


~ by tia on April 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sporty Spice”

  1. very true !!!!they are just mamma boys !!!

  2. sreshanth is a stud?…iam gonna just kill myself..very very slowly…

  3. *tys
    there is an assumption that all mal men are studs…!

  4. *cinderella
    Heh heh I agree!

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