Boeing Boeing!

It’s so funny how one concept goes from Broadway to Mal-wood or is that Kollywood now?

I remember watching (and loving) a mal movie called Boeing Boeing (1984) which starred Mohan lal. Wanna know what the Origin of the movie is? Here goes:

Boeing Boeing was a London Play written by Marc Camoletti in 1962. It was later turned into a french movie and an American in 1965 with Jerry Lewis and Terry Curtis. In 1984, Priyadarsan made the mal version.

In 2007 Boeing Boeing re-opened in Broadway with an all star cast including Rhea Perlman from Cheers.

What is the play/movie about. The protagonist (in the original play an architect) juggles three girlfriends, all of them air hostesses. His friend comes to visit him and things start to fall apart…

2007 Comedy Theatre, London

1965 Movie *ing Jerry Lewis and Terry Curtis

1984 Malayalam Movie *ing Mohan Lal and Mukesh


~ by tia on April 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Boeing Boeing!”

  1. u didnt know this?…it was news whn this movie came out…i hve seen the english movie of it…and found it really gud….the mallu one is a bit more slap stick

  2. *tys
    Nope I didn’t know. And yeah the mal one is a bit more slapstick…and Mohan Lal doesn’t look suave…he looks scary!

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