Monsoon Love

Okay I had stopped watching Kannada movies ever since Anant Nag had stopped making comedy movies. After a year of people telling me I should watch Mungaaru Male, I watched it today.

I did like it. I mean the cinematography is inferior and superior. By this I mean it’s better than other Kannada movies in recent years, but not as good as other Indian movies. The story was nice. It is the same old love story but I think Ganesh has acted well. If it were made in Tamil I am sure Madhavan would have done a very good job (similar to Alaipayuthey). I did like some of the dialogues though.

I would give it a 3/5. Good mush. Nice ending. Good songs. Good dialogues.

And considering I was all emotional today it’s surprising I didn’t stand up and say with tears in my eyes – bide beda kano, bide beda (don’t let go) *laughs*


~ by tia on April 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Monsoon Love”

  1. Hmm another Madhavan freak?

  2. *Cm-chap
    *sigh* yes…to get a bit dramatic – a thousand times yes..!

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