Earth on Fire

I watched the movie Earth. I had seen Fire and Water before.

Well what can I say? It’s one of those Partition Horror stories. A girl losing her trust in humanity after being betrayed by a lusty man.

I just realized the Indian partition-Independence problem has so many dimensions. I have read a lot about the partition and seen movies about the partition. If only religion hadn’t added to the misery of losing one’s land.  Look at it this way:

1.Indians wanted freedom, come what may

2. Muslims wanted a separate land which was again justified because they felt insecure in India.

3.People became fanatics because it was all a chain reaction: somebody’s relative was killed in a train, so they turned into a fanatic to avenge their death and turned against people of the opposite religion.

How do you appease everybody? Of course we do have the English to blame. If they were smart they transition could have been smooth.

Or could it? With one million fleeing from both sides would there have been enough officers to control the crowd and ensure a smooth transition?

Was the violence necessary? Were the rapes and the deaths justified?

Fifty plus years down the line it is easy to sit in an MNC office with a laptop and an a/c on and to look back and try to analyze, but the ground zero reality would have been very different back then.

One thing is for sure, no matter how old or young our country is, we still have to live with the nightmare of a partition that went horribly wrong.


~ by tia on April 23, 2008.

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