You Kill Me

Quirky is how I would describe this movie. Quirky and wry.

I watched a <insert appropriate adjective> movie called You Kill Me starring Ben Kingsley and Tea (Yeah, another Tia) Leoni. Ben Kingsley’s character is a mob guy who kills people, but is sent away by his family because he is also an alcoholic.

He is sent to San Francisco where he starts life afresh by joining AA and working in a mortuary cleaning bodies and embalming bodies. He also meets Tea’s character and falls in love with her. He is off alcohol and off killing people, but threatens a few people. Meanwhile in NY his family is killed by the Irish Mafia..the question is will he return to take revenge?

It was an absolute no frills romance…if you can call it that. It’s a..weird romance. He is an old, mafia killer with an alcohol problem and she is a needy, tough as nails, sarcastic single woman who likes older men because they are done experimenting, and won’t wake up one morning and decide they are gay!

Absolutely loved it. But be warned it can get a bit boring towards mid-movie.

Like a James Hardley Chase novel…. *wink*


~ by tia on April 22, 2008.

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