All hands meeting!

What would Obama’s name be if he were a mal?

Arrack Obama!


Which reminds me, the Mal All Girl Gossip Group seem to be changing their place these days, from the coffee area to the corner of the passage near the toilets. My colleague, The Grinch, call their gossip sessions “the Mal All hands meeting” *laughs*. He has threatened to ostracize me if I ever dared to join them!

Background: There is this bunch of mal women who get together in the coffee area and gossip in an excited manner in mal. We did send in a mole, rather we bugged a conversation using our colleague MHN (we got him to overhear a conversation for us) and we learned that they talk about serials and domestic matters.


~ by tia on April 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “All hands meeting!”

  1. oops…. even CIA is far better

  2. Ha Ha.. YUeah CMMI L5.. Hey add me n Gtalk if u wish. Shall catchup sometime.

  3. *Cm Chap
    Na na…we are better..
    And I have added you…

  4. befriend them tia…atleast u can help out ur mal guy friends:)

  5. *ancientmariner
    aiyoda…pinne!those chicks scare me macha!

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