Mal men are the funniest. No no not funny as in humor, but funny to laugh at.

They are these supposedly macho creatures who think beating up another guy and giving his rival a smoldering look makes him sexy. When he’s angry he lifts up his mundu. Sorry let me rephrase that shocking statement – when he’s angry he ties up his mundu. His accessories are a kuda (umbrella), wallet and newspaper.

Of course the younger generation of mals also carry a Shakeela Movie.

It’s funny, present gen mal men either carry a guitar (some of the best guitarists in Indian rock music are mals) or a red trade union flag.

I’ve actually interacted with only one true-blue mal. Absolutely organic mal – replete with the mundu and the oily hair..and the post-lunch burps *shudder*.

Since everyone’s big into references (I’d know, I work in marketing!) here is one I got from my best friend. This guy is my brother figure so it was with amusement and shock i read his chat msg: they [mals] are just crazy!Well since he is a mangalorean, I love telling him that mangalorean and mal cultures are quite similar……*laughs*

So, What got me to write this post?

I was watching a mal movie called Cycle with my G’parents. Total snooze fest. But I did like one dialogue – Endha eppalum muscle pidikyane, koriche muscle relax cheidude? (which means: why are you so uptight, why don’t you chill?). I’ve always wanted to say that to a friend of mine. He’s this eternal arrogant-angry-young man *laughs*. He should have been born mal, he would have fit right in. Pretty sad we aren’t on speaking terms, else I would have definitely have said it to him.


~ by tia on April 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mals!”

  1. no comments on mallu men….
    but bout mallu girls…some of my closest female friends are mallu girls…they are quite nice :o)

    btw…r u mallu?

  2. *Anurag
    actually no..I am a martian 😛
    Mal girls are hot.. case in point: me! 😛

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