I just realized (you may call it an epiphany if you wish), that *all* my friends have led predictable lives:

School> college> engineering > work > marry > have two kids

I am the only one who’s had an unpredictable life:

School > more school (ISC/plus 2) > BA > MA> Work

It’s so amazing. I am not cribbing about the hard work. I am cribbing about the unpredictability (which also reminds me that most of the bfs I have had have been unpredictable. While that’s very nice to read about in an M&B, not very nice when you are living it) I have had in my life. My life has had more hair-pin bends than the TN – Kerala route.

And now I am left all pukey.

I admit I enjoyed it at the beginning…but now its quite unsettling.

I’d any day trade my life for a predictable one. Not sure I’d enjoy it though.


~ by tia on April 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Unpredictable”

  1. dont settle fr predictable life..even if its predictable , its only in refelection…admit it, even u didnt think u wud be like this today…thats being unpredictable…enjoy it…while u can

  2. the grass is always greener on the other side…

  3. *tys
    If their lives have been any unpredictable is when they cant get their brand of soap or something…that is the extent of unpredictability…and that’s great.

    this time the other side is decidedly greener..

  4. yea coz that is the way you perceive it..

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