Boss bole to?

I just realized one thing: you are what your boss is.

I mean I am sure everyone’s heard the saying: you are what you are what your parents are (or something to that effect) but I realized that’s true in a corporate environment. Everybody changes to be like their boss, in order to work what that person better. See if you can’t fight ’em, you gotta join ’em…or quit.

Earlier we used to say ‘Oh my God I have become my mom/my dad’. Now-a-days, people say: Oh my god I’ve become like my boss!

My Uncle used to say: Be the boss you wanted to have. It is now quite a cliche. Every corporate guru uses it in his seminar on leadership. But truth be told you eventually morph into the monster/demon called your boss. Very rarely can you break from the patterns set for you by your boss (consciously/unconsciously).

But someday I’d like to be the boss I have wanted!

(P.s: I am sure everyone is running around screaming murder and assuming I am writing about my boss. While I am not blind to my boss’s faults, I think my boss is great. She is great because she is trying to do the best she can, working under the present stressful circumstances.)

I am sorry, I was just thinking of my boss as well “boss”/Ajit and my colleague as Raabert.

And I came across some damn cool jokes…
Scene: Raabert had twins and comes to the “Boss”…..
Raabert: Boss, mere dono bachon ke liye koi naam bataiye..
Ajeet : Ek ka naam rakho Peter….
Raabert: boss or doosre ka ?
Ajeet: Repeater.


Joke courtesy


~ by tia on April 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Boss bole to?”

  1. Ha Ha. But true… Bosses make a big chunk of our life and actions

  2. u seem to be bitching/praising ur boss off late…..

  3. *CM-Chap
    Hmm true..esp on your first job

    Bitching?? I have never bitched about her…I have only praised her or made comments that are neutral.
    My life seems to be revolving around my job these days.

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