Here boy!

I am in a very sadistic mood today.

See there was this guy I liked. No No, not love. Just liked him. A lot.

Today, I am almost over him. And I have let go of all my sadistic instincts.

For example, I’d like to adopt the guy as my pet dog. He’d make a very cute pet. I am actually cherishing the thought of doing it! I am imagining him fetching a stick, jumping for a bone, and growling in satisfaction when I tickle him under his neck. Of course the last one works for both Men and Dogs.

I am so in a mood for sadistic pleasure. Maybe I’ll call him and cause some mental trauma… *chuckle*

Especially since he is on roaming! Nothing can be more traumatic than that!


~ by tia on April 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Here boy!”

  1. boy, am i glad u dont have my number 🙂

  2. wow…you sure are a shame to mankind!

  3. wonder who called me fm india and didnt talk to me…!!!

  4. *Tys
    Heh heh…its never too late to pray 😉

    Ha ha ha….I used to love the ‘babe in the woods’ act some men put up..not anymore!

    Ha ha ha…No no I haven’t got to P yet!

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