Can of worms

I know I am opening a can of worms with this debate. But I seem to be on a war footing these days…

Is it true that Women bosses have a soft corner for their Male employees? My friend Big N and debated this at 2 in the morning. I do not believe this is true, but Big N absolutely believes this is true.

I have known and heard of Male Bosses who have a soft corner for their women employees. But women bosses…?

Must investigate and test hypothesis… *chuckle*


~ by tia on April 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Can of worms”

  1. eh… dunno…
    haven’t had a female boss nor am i a female boss!!
    do lemme knw ur findings!!

  2. *Sam
    *Chuckle* will keep you posted…

  3. i dont think so…i have had a female boss but i married her…so soon i did become her favourite employee…so i guess u r rite in a way…in regard to male bosses being partial to female employees..iam not so sure…iam pretty mean to all of them regardless of gender

  4. *Tys
    Hmm so you could be a freak case…Ha ha ha…I am just imagining things I shudn’t..I’ll tell you on Gchat!

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