Writing away the future

I think handwriting and calligraphy is going to become extinct one day. We seem to draw closer and closer to a Jetsons type Push-button age.

I tried writing on paper today and I realized my hands had become weak and my handwriting had gone from bad to worse. I think if I continue like this I just might forget how to write. Or even if I remember how to write I don’t think my hand would be able to handle the new skill. In fact I can now type faster than I can write.

And I wondered, would my kids/grandkids ever learn to write with a pen or pencil? If not my kids, I am sure my grandkids are gonna start with a laptop, instead of a pencil and a paper. I bet their first printout would be at the age of 2!


~ by tia on April 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Writing away the future”

  1. che che…bigdi hui ladki….i use paper n pen for eeverything…

  2. *ancientmariner
    aise bhi mat joot bolna!shayad bhul gaye ho ki ek din, ek ladke ne memories of china mein bola ta ki uska handwriting bhi bigdi ja rahi hain…

  3. hehehe…ssssshhhhh!!!!

  4. *ancientmariner
    lol…kai ke liye darr??

  5. Agree. I find it very hard to write continuously for more than 20 minutes. Can type for hours together with no break though 😦 Plus my handwriting has gone to dogs.

    So, as a remedy, I don’t carry my laptop to meetings these days. Instead, I take a notebook to write down things discussed.

  6. *Vinay
    me too..but I carry my laptop too..all important mails are on it…

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