Women! Men!

Women are so frustrating! Men are worse! The spineless ones I am talking about of course…

Well women are frustrating, because they are so insecure. For example, when I ask how my friend’s boyfriend is doing she totally freaks out! *laughs* I ask men how their girlfriends are doing, it doesn’t mean I am hitting on them! Besides the guy was very sweet to me, so I ask about him.

And all I have met are spineless men. Absolute bastards who are so scared of their gf/wives.

People keep asking me why I act like a kid. People ask me to grow up. This is why I don’t want to. It is better to come across as immature rather than a flirt. I just want people to know I am asking how their bfs/gfs are, to be nice. Also, I don’t hit on guys younger than me. Period.

Know why I am not interested in my friends’s bfs? Because none of them are worth anything. Besides I know there is someone  out there for me, and none of the men I have met so far are it. So I’ll wait.


~ by tia on March 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “Women! Men!”

  1. all the best…may the wait be worth it :o)

  2. 🙂 well, use ur friend’s bf’s / husbands to hone up ur flirting skills…femme fatals have a certain level of attraction…of course its all hearsay in my case, since my spine is actually made of jelly and i crawl instead of walking..

  3. how nice, maybe none of the men you met so far thought you are IT … and so the wait continues .. keep at it …

  4. *Anurag

    Heh heh..well at least you are honest. I appreciate that 🙂

    *You know who
    Am I supposed to be offended by that statement? Actually I beg to differ. They thought I was IT, except it wasn’t a mutual feeling. Ouch!

  5. Ha Ha.. Good Bashing. Also, I don’t hit on guys younger than me. Period. – Does that matter so much to you… Ahem

  6. *CM Chap
    Are younger than me??Heh heh..Well depends on great the guy is…rules are meant to be broken aren’t they??

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