Borat *turns green*

I watched Borat – the movie. That in itself is a strong statement to make.

It has left me shocked, scared, disgusted and very queasy. I am actually still feeling very pukey. It so amazingly gross…and tasteless!

Okay I am not a square and definitely not a prude. But watching two men wrestling naked, is not my idea of entertainment. Even triple A porn is better I am sure.

And the way he describes…shit..I almost puked my pizza. I know, all the guys are gonna be like – That is such a typical girly response, but I’m sorry I’d like to not discuss stuff that is thrown out of your body as you are eating!

Absolutely gross and tasteless…leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


~ by tia on March 30, 2008.

One Response to “Borat *turns green*”

  1. never watched it….after ur review dont think i will

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