Interesting conversations

(Ch and Cat – Sorry guys!)

In a car, with a friend…

Tia: So, XYZ illiya? ava dhan.. (Remember XYZ, it is him I am talking about)

Ch: Yaare? unude ex’a? (who? your ex, right?)

Tia: Ille da, ex ex. (No, my ex ex)

Ch: Dei yenna da, CD writing speed ille poorein, unuma puriyile! (You are talking about your exs like they are CD writing speeds, I am lost!)

Conversation 2:

Tia sees a velvet hair-band with C D (supposed cheap version of Christian Dior) written in Gold and studded with Diamonds)

Tia: Cat look at this! *laughs*

Cat:It looks like one of those kinky pussy cat dolls- charlies angels-playboy bunny stuff

Tia: *laughs* That’s why I wanna buy it! I’ll wear it and go ‘Hi there’ *laughs*

Cat: You have enough troubles (with men) in life , you want to add more, buy, buy!

Tia: Oooof!


~ by tia on March 29, 2008.

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