Just desserts?? I don’t think so

 Damn it. Everybody except me are living my life. Or rather the life I wanted.

I see people traveling, partying, etc. and I am like Damn!

See I am 24 and:

I have just started my career

I have just started paying my loans back

I have not traveled yet to places like Italy (Yes Guns, you may smirk) and the US.

I haven’t partied the way I have wanted to. Of course there is rum and breezers with friends, but I am looking for something else.

I haven’t tried different cuisines (though I am on my way thanks to Chief and Grinch)

I haven’t tried different dresses and clothes. I know I am most comfortable in a kurta and jeans, yet…

Silver lining: My brother thought I’d never amount to anything, I at least have a great job: Corporate Communications Executive.


~ by tia on March 28, 2008.

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