If i fly away tonight

I keep wondering…if i knew I were to die in a month..what would I do?

I mean..I know I have wanted to travel the world, but in one month I wouldn’t be able to save up that much money! Besides, if I saw the beauty of this world, then I wouldn’t wanna die…

Yeah I know. The director of Bucket List stole the idea from me 😛

Know what I would do?

I would take the month off.

I would place pictures of all the places I wanted to visit all over my room and pretend I am there

I would eat lots and lots of chocolates 🙂 chocolates can’t kill me cos I would anyway be dying!

I would totally get drunk, at least one night. Try all the kinds of alcohols – from cognac to cointreau to absinthe.

Get wet in the rain without feeling guilty.

Read lots of comics!

Make a library for all the books I own.


~ by tia on March 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “If i fly away tonight”

  1. 3 posts in a day, i guess there is as much dearth of work for freshers as there is for 6 years experience holders…

  2. *burf
    I work smart. Thus I make time for both Blogging and my work.

  3. lol, right! i forgot that 😉

  4. *burf
    Oru vaate chonal, nooru vaate chona madri ( if I say it once, it is equal to saying it a hundred times) 😛

  5. And what about all that expensive stuff you bought the other day ? Have you written a will for all that ? 😉

  6. *Vinay
    Heh heh…Mama gets all that!

  7. i u die in a month , i want to u recommend me for ur job….

    wht do u guys do there?…go and work, other wise u will not hve to wait for a month to die..

  8. *tys
    That’s the *only* thing I do these days! Work…

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