Gaa-gaa, Goo goo

It’s very amusing actually. This is something I thought up in the elevator.

There is this..very beautiful chick in our office. Considering our office has just 10 per cent women, she would be quite a find. Oh don’t mistake me, we have other beautiful chicks too in our office. But primarily there are three kinds of women in our office – the very pretty ones (like my boss and the HR chicks), the mediocre ones – the ones who look nice, who you would describe as pleasant, the ones who don’t stand out as pretty but on closer look are kinda pretty and then ‘My Catgory’ (I do say it with complete pride in my heart :P) the ugly ones. We are the ones that you’d know even from 10 kms away that we aren’t pretty/good looking/beautiful. But then how is it that we survive if Darwin’s theory of survival and natural selection is in place? We make the other women look no better.

So back to the point. There is this beautiful chick and she’s got this guy going totally ga-ga over her. I mean I’ve seen them at lunch and he’s got this love struck look on his face when he looks into her face *laughs*.

And I wonder: damn it, Why is it that I can’t get some guy to go Gaa-gaa over me? Of course the answer is obvious by now..yet..there are no limits to wishful thinking are there 😉


~ by tia on March 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “Gaa-gaa, Goo goo”

  1. our ‘wishful thinkin’ matches!!…

  2. *Ancientmariner
    Heh heh..that’s why we are friends remember??

  3. i guess you gotta advertise

  4. *burf
    Ha ha ha I believe in natural beauty which needs no advertising. Which would explain why I have reconciled to what I am 🙂

  5. u r being such a doofuss abt this…trust me, wht u saw in that guys eyes are lust…the curse of being a beautiful girl is that she will never know who’s after what but the rest of the girls has a chance of knowing tht the guy who shows interest will be interested in her for wht she is…which is pretty cool, if u ask me

  6. *tys
    but many men will be interested in them while none will be interested in us…??

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