The New Mafia

A new breed mafia has emergered in Bangalore – The Auto Drivers.

I am so fed up of paying extra over the meter just to get the guy shut up or so that he doesn’t attack me. These guys demand anything and get away with it. What the hell are the Bangalore Police doing? Oh wait, I know. They are too busy saving up for retirement.

Maybe we should just recruit Auto Drivers as Police. They’d do a better job of Law and Order in this city. There is zilch safety in this city.

Does *any* Policeman in this city have the balls to book an auto-driver?

I, at least have my family here, but what about the single women in this city? One rape-murder and the law makers want to ban night shift..Do they have any sense? Instead of trying to make the city safe they are trying to govern the work life of a woman.

I wonder whether a PIL against the Government and the Police would work. Maybe the next time I get frustrated, I might just try to file one.

By the way, talking about law and order, who is Karnataka’s CM????


~ by tia on March 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “The New Mafia”

  1. maybe u shud file a PIL and see wht happens…most of the time, we sit back and allow things to go on becoz we expect someone else to take the first step…its this union thing…wht was meant to protect the right of a section of people has become a gang…

  2. i guess the mafia runs deeper than b’lore
    they have brothers here in delhi too

  3. oho! neevu namma bengaluru personaaa? we must meet up then 😀

  4. *tys
    I think one of these days I just might do it.

    And in Chennai

    Howdu ri..neevu na?
    definitely! nimma chat id nammige e-mail maade..nanna e-mail id previous post alli idhe…

  5. What/who are you waiting for?
    Some other bloke who’s mad enough to make a fool out of himself/herself for truth?

    Who are we all waiting for?

  6. *Guns
    Maybe I am looking for someone stronger than me and less selfish than me to make the first step…a leader if you will..

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