Of Obattus and sweet memories

I had the best breakfast today. Mavinkai (Mango) pickle and akki rotis.  This is my favorite just like the Jolada (Jowhar) roti and brinjal curry you get in Kamath, Mysore Road.

My colleague and I were discussing traditional Karnataka food…and I remembered, there was this shop in Vasanthnagar (Not sure whether it still exists) on that main road (called loafer’s street by Carmelites) called Pai Sweets where you get the best Obattus. It is run by a Mangalorean guy who brings all the sweets and snacks from his village. Every month, my grand dad used to pick up his pension from the Vasanthnagar post office, and then walk up to the sweet shop and buy lots of sweets and snacks..enough to last us a month. We used to wait for our grandparents’ visit.

This stopped when my Grandmum lost the ability to walk. She is afflicted with Parkinsons. She can barely walk to the bathroom these days. But she is the most active, optimistic and independent spirit I know. I’d like to think I am a lot like her…



~ by tia on March 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Of Obattus and sweet memories”

  1. Obattus in Kamath(Mysore Road) are also great.

  2. *Vinay
    I think I had them last time. Wasn’t too impressed.

  3. Oh, I forgot that we had agreed to disagree on plays and obattus 😉

  4. *Vinay
    *laughs* Come on! Neennaanaadre Naanneena wasn’t exactly fall-off-the-chair funny. Even Mysooru Mallige more comedy than this one.
    Let us once go to Pai *and* Kamath and see whose Obattus are better 😛

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