Bigger than his body

This guy amuses me. His name is John Mayer. Okay, he does have a good voice, and he is most humble about it! I am sure even Mother Teresa (Lord bless her soul) wouldn’t have been this humble.

He, as most men do, thinks he is God’s gift to this world. Come on, lets give this guy some credit, he has to be the biggest narcissist ever. And I am sure it must add to his arrogance cos I have condescended to a) Quote lyrics from his songs b) Download his songs c) write a whole damn post about how his arrogance and over-inflated ego is bigger than his body.

But here is something he really needs to think about – Can he ever be as good as Eric Clapton? I am sure he would love to, but I don’t think he can. Yeah i know, all the Mayer fans are gonna say – His style of music is different. It is. Eric Clapton is Bold and Fun. John Mayer is breezy and…well forgettable.

Every time I watch some video or read something about him…I am just amused. The latest is that he googles his name every morning…*laughs* I am just enjoying this character!

Google this Mr Mayer.


~ by tia on March 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bigger than his body”

  1. hey , this is same chap who sang tht song ur body is a wonderland, rite?…wonder who his girlfriend is?

  2. *tys
    yup! Some poor soul who has to live with his ego.

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