I know a girl..

I just watched Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. Another reason why it sucks being a woman.

I just realized why men want to marry women from small town India. I mean the places are so beautiful and unspoiled – be it Benaras or Palghat. I love the scenes of Benaras. I wouldn’t mind living in small town India…

I am a city girl with a small town mind. I love small towns with huge Havelis and Naale katte veedus of Tanjore, Palakkad, etc. The field, the puzha, the banks of the rivers, etc.

But another thought came to my mind – Every time I hear the news that someone has had a baby girl, I send a silent prayer to the mother ship that she is looked after and treated well. Do not have a girl child if you can’t look after her. She is very precious, she might look tough and sound tough, but she is breaking inside.

Reminds me of the song:

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

— Daughters, John Mayer

P.S: Also, do you think Abhishek Bhachan’s character, Rohan (in real life) would be ready to marry Badki, after knowing she is an escort?? Are you even kidding me?? He would have run away the next instant!

Men have the highest double standards.


~ by tia on March 23, 2008.

12 Responses to “I know a girl..”

  1. “Men have the highest double standards.” I second that but so do women !!

  2. *ancientmariner
    Ha ha ha now way! It can *never* beat the double standards men have..

  3. Huh! How come?
    Supermodels don’t give a damn to ordinary looking men until they suddenly become millionaire footballers/cricketers etc.

  4. In fact, I dont think women would really like to marry a gigolo themselves, would they? What’s wrong with a man being sceptical of marrying an escort/prostitute ?

  5. *Guns
    That is not true. I know so many women who are so hot but their husbands look like frogs. I keep wondering whether they married these men hoping they’d turn into princes one day.

    Ha! Let’s compare. What is the ratio of the no of pros to no of Gigs? Besides a Gig can live down his reputation once he decides to change career but a woman is always haunted by her past.

  6. Na na na…aisa nahi hota. Would YOU marry a gig after knowing that he’s been one in the past? Honestly?

  7. *Guns
    Honestly, yes. If I think he is a good guy. And If I know he is going to change.

  8. [:D] Precisely! Under those conditions, I don’t think men would mind marrying a woman they really love.

    C’mmon… I know its cool to kick the (stereo)typical masochist but its really just that – a stereotype. Real mean aren’t all like that.

  9. *guns
    well if such men *really* exist I haven’t met one.
    You are saying a man is ready to marry a woman IF she were a pros ONLY in her past?? Fat chance!

  10. :)You’ve probably been around the wrong lot of men! As a matter of fact, though its a funny statement, there is a tad of truth to it. People grow up in vastly different societies in India. People that grow up in South Bombay have a very different life from those living in Dadar or Thane. Its not too difficult to get stuck into a wrong group all your life and not realise that it is the reason for your loneliness/frustration.

  11. Unfortunately, I think, for this most part, the double standard you speak of crosses our cultural boundaries.

  12. *Poeticgrin
    I thought things were different in other countries…

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